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Routine Querying System: Inpatient Encounter Querying Tool

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    Sentinel routine querying tools are SAS programs designed to run against the Sentinel Common Data Model (SCDM). They allow rapid implementation of standard queries across the Sentinel Distributed Database (SDD). The programs can be customized using input parameters that define medical product exposures, outcomes, covariates, diagnoses, date ranges, age ranges, and other implementation details. Tools can perform simple cohort characterization and descriptive analyses, but may also be used to perform more complex adjustment for confounding and to support prospective surveillance activities. 

    The Inpatient Encounter Querying Tool focuses on evaluating what happens during inpatient encounters, and it is primarily designed to query electronic health record (EHR)-based Data Partners. This tool allows users to:

    • Identify a cohort of individuals who have an event or exposure of interest during an encounter
    • Restrict encounters based on user-defined inclusion and exclusion criteria (criteria must be observed during the same encounter as event or exposure)
    • Specify time and demographic-based cohort inclusion criteria (e.g., query period, female only cohort, etc.)
    • Restrict encounters based on facility type
    • Report on covariates and/or events that co-occur during the defined encounter
    • Define any clinical concept using inpatient transfusion codes or inpatient pharmacy National Drug Codes (NDCs)