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Software Packages & Toolkits

Database Creation Packages

Sentinel is publicly posting a number of complete software packages for creating Sentinel Common Data Model (SCDM) compliant databases. These packages require source data files as noted in the packages.

Sentinel has a library of standalone programming tools written to standardize routine programming procedures, such as selecting a cohort of members exposed to specific medical products, creating continuous treatment episodes, or identifying continuous enrollment periods in the Common Data Model. Each tool is a self-contained SAS® macro. They can be used in combination to facilitate development of Sentinel routine querying tools.

A description of each macro along with the macro code are available at the links below. Any visitor to this website with access to data in the SCDM format can use these software toolkits.

Sentinel Views is a web-based data visualization application designed to increase access to study results from the Sentinel System. Sentinel Views was released to the public in April 2022 and has been integrated into the existing Sentinel querying and reporting infrastructure.