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Develop Real Mother-Infant Linkages in Sentinel Data Warehouse (SDW)

    Basic Details
    Date Posted

    Sentinel routinely transforms IBM® Watson HealthTM MarketScan® Research Databases into the Sentinel Common Data Model.  Previously, the transformed data contained a Mother-Infant Linkage (MIL) table with real mothers and real infants but with synthetic, randomized linkages between them. This project specifies an algorithm and creates code to replace this table with a MIL table with real linkages.

    Production of this MIL table will be integrated into the routine processes that create the MarketScan-to-SCDM transformed data used internally by Sentinel. The code will be available to external requestors whose MarketScan license is verified by IBM Watson Health.

    Time Period
    June 1, 2020 - Current
    Data Source(s)
    IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases