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Mother-Infant Linkage Table

    Basic Details
    Date Posted

    The Mother-Infant Linkage (MIL) Table was added to the Sentinel Common Data Model (SCDM) in October 2018. 

    This enhancement was added to enable routine evaluation of medical product exposures during pregnancy on outcomes in infants.

    The table contains one record per MPatID, CPatID, and ADate. This table is created following identification of mothers (via evidence of live delivery by women aged 10-54 inclusive) and infants (via date of birth) in the Sentinel Distributed Database (SDD). The file may include:

    1. Live birth deliveries (with MPatID and ADate) that were linked to a child (CPatID);
    2. Live birth deliveries (with MPatID and ADate) that were not linked to a child (CPatID, CBirth_Date, Sex, and CEnr_Start will have missing values); and
    3. Children (with CPatID) who were not linked to a mother (MPatID, MBirth_Date, Age, EncounterID, EncType, ADate, DDate, Birth_Type, and Birth_Type_Primes will have missing values).

    To facilitate linkage, Sentinel Operations Center has developed a reusable program package to identify mothers and infants in the SDD. The Quality Assurance program evaluates whether the data in the table conforms to SCDM specifications, and identifies anomalies that require further investigation or explanation (e.g., relatively high multiple-birth rate compared to national average).