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Impact of the Transition from ICD–9–CM to ICD–10–CM on the Identification of Pregnancy Episodes in US Health Insurance Claims Data

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    Before October 2015, pregnancy cohorts assembled from US health insurance claims have relied on medical encounters with International Classification of Diseases-ninth revision-clinical modification (ICD-9-CM) codes. We aimed to extend existing pregnancy identification algorithms into the ICD-10-CM era and evaluate performance. We used national private insurance claims data (2005–2018) to develop and test a pregnancy identification algorithm. We considered validated ICD-9-CM diagnosis and procedure codes that identify medical encounters for live birth, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy, abortions, and prenatal screening to identify pregnancies. We then mapped these codes to the ICD-10-CM system using general equivalent mapping tools and reconciled outputs with literature and expert opinion. Both versions were applied to the respective coding period to identify pregnancies. We required 45 weeks of health plan enrollment from estimated conception to ensure the capture of all pregnancy endpoints.


    Amir Sarayani, Xi Wang, Thuy Nhu Thai, Yasser Albogami, Nakyung Jeon, Almut G. Winterstein