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2019 Sentinel Public Training: Applications in Medical Product Safety and Creating a CIDA Package

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    The 2019 Sentinel Public Training focused on enabling expanded use of Sentinel tools among the public. The training consisted of a series of presentations and exercises focused on the Cohort Identification and Descriptive Analysis (CIDA) tool. Following a joint morning session, participants were given the option to attend one of two afternoon sessions:

    Applications in Medical Product Safety (Session A): Session A focused on the application of CIDA to answer medical product safety questions and included a collection of case studies. This session was recommended for those interested in how the capabilities of the CIDA tool can be leveraged in practice.

    Creating a CIDA Package - SAS® Software-Based Lab (Session B): Session B focused on creating a query package in CIDA using SAS. This session included a SAS-based lab and was recommended for those with intermediate SAS skills and above who may be creating CIDA queries within their organizations.

    →  Session B Participant Materials available here: CIDA Lab Material


    U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Sentinel Operations Center