2023 Sentinel Public Training & Innovation Day, April 11-12

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    Tuesday, April 11, 2023
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    The 2023 Sentinel Public Training and Innovation Day will take place over two days in April. The Sentinel Public Training will be on April 11, 2023. The Innovation Center event will be on April 12, 2023.


    14th Annual Sentinel Public Training

    Tuesday, April 11, 2023, 9 AM – 1 PM ET

    The 2023 Sentinel Public Training Day titled "Leveraging the Sentinel System for Signal Identification Among Infants Following Maternal Medication Use During Pregnancy" will feature the following topics: 

    • Introduction to Sentinel
    • Detecting Medication Adverse Effects in Sentinel
    • Surveillance of Adverse Outcomes Following Medication Use in Pregnancy
    • First Trimester Exposure to Fluoroquinolones: A Case Study in Signal Identification

    Presenters: Judith Maro, MS, PhD, Ashley Martinez, PharmD, PhD, and Sruthi Adimadhyam, MS, PhD. 


    Innovation Day

    Wednesday, April 12, 2023, 1 PM – 4 PM ET

    The 2023 Innovation Day will feature the following topics and presenters:

    • A general framework for developing computable phenotyping algorithms from electronic health records - by David Carrell, PhD
    • Using Unsupervised Learning to Generate Code Mapping Algorithms to Harmonize Data Across Data Systems - by Xu Shi, PhD
    • A PRocess guide for INferential studies using secondary data from routine ClinIcal Practice to evaLuate causal Effects of Drugs (PRINCIPLED) - by Rishi Desai, MS, PhD
    • Approaches to handling partially observed confounder data from electronic health records - by Janick Weberpals, RPh, PhD


    Both events are free and open to the public.


    Funding for this conference is made possible by a cooperative agreement from the Food and Drug Administration, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. The views expressed in written conference materials and the speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services, nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsements by the U.S. Government.



    U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Sentinel Operations Center, and Sentinel Innovation Center


    The Sentinel Public Training will feature the following speakers:

    • Judith Maro, MS, PhD
    • Ashley Martinez, PharmD, PhD
    • Sruthi Adimadhyam, MS, PhD

    Innovation Day will feature the following speakers:

    • David S. Carrell, PhD, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute 
    • Xu Shi, PhD, University of Michigan
    • Rishi J Desai, MS, PhD, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
    • Janick Weberpals, RPh, PhD, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School