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An Overview of Sentinel’s Publicly Available Analytics Tools

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    12:00pm - 1:00pm EST
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    One of the strategic aims in the "Sentinel System Five-Year Strategy: 2019-2023" is to broaden the Sentinel System's user base to advance Sentinel as a national resource. The Sentinel website is a key means for communicating with the public and enhancing engagement with Sentinel stakeholders. 

    The Sentinel Community Building and Outreach Center (CBOC) has developed a webinar series to increase stakeholder awareness and engagement with the Sentinel System. The purpose of this webinar was to provide an understanding of Sentinel's publicly available analytics tools, the Sentinel Common Data Model, and how to access those resources from the Sentinel website. 


    The webinar covered the three objectives below and included a Q&A session:

    1. Learn about the key components of the SCDM
    2. Learn about the different types of Routine Querying Tools within Sentinel
    3. Learn how to access Routine Querying Tools and the SCDM on the Sentinel Website
    Event Materials

    View a recording of the webinar here.

    View the presentation of the webinar below:

    An Overview of Sentinel’s Publicly Available Analytics Tools


    Evie Cai, MPH


    Evie Cai (CBOC), CBOC Team Members, Trish Bright (FDA), Sarah Dutcher (FDA), and Joy Kolonoski (SOC)