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An Overview of the Sentinel Website for Health Advocates

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    One of the strategic aims in the "Sentinel System Five-Year Strategy: 2019-2023" is to broaden the Sentinel System’s user base to advance Sentinel as a national resource. To this end, the Sentinel Community Building and Outreach Center (CBOC) has developed a webinar series to increase stakeholder awareness and engagement with the Sentinel System.

    The target audience for the first webinar is Health Advocates, as they were found, through Sentinel stakeholder interviews conducted by CBOC, to have high interest in increasing their awareness of the Sentinel Initiative. The CBOC designed this webinar to guide Health Advocates on how to navigate the Sentinel website to find information and resources related to studies of medical product use, safety and effectiveness conducted in Sentinel. The Sentinel website is a key means for communicating with the public and enhancing engagement with Sentinel stakeholders. The webinar will cover the three objectives below and include a Q&A session.

    Webinar Objectives:

    1. Learn about the Sentinel System and its key components
    2. Learn how Sentinel uses health data while protecting privacy 
    3. Learn how to use the Sentinel website as a Health Advocate to find recent publications, presentations, and reports of analyses results to better understand Sentinel’s capabilities
    Event Materials

    View a recording of the webinar here.

    View the presentation of the webinar below:


    Community Building and Outreach Center (CBOC)


    Community Building and Outreach Center (CBOC)