Data Extraction and Management in Networks of Observational Health Care Databases for Scientific Research: A Comparison of EU-ADR, OMOP, Mini-Sentinel and MATRICE Strategies

    Basic Details
    Monday, February 8, 2016

    A conceptual framework was created distinguishing three steps in local data processing: (1) data reorganization into a data structure common across the network; (2) derivation of study variables not present in original data; and (3) application of study design to transform longitudinal data into aggregated data sets for statistical analysis.


    Rosa Gini PhD; Martijn Schuemie PhD; Jeffrey Brown PhD; Patrick Ryan PhD; Edoardo Vacchi PhD; Massimo Coppola; Walter Cazzola PhD; Preciosa Coloma MD, PhD; Roberto Berni; Gayo Diallo PhD; José Luis Oliveira PhD; Paul Avillach MD, PhD; Gianluca Trifirò MD, PhD; Peter Rijnbeek PhD, MSc; Mariadonata Bellentani; Johan van Der Lei MD, PhD; Niek Klazinga MD, PhD; Miriam Sturkenboom PhD, MS