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Methods for Examining Data Quality in Healthcare Integrated Data Repositories

    Basic Details

    The workshop goal was to exchange novel approaches for evaluating data quality (DQ) and innovative ways of reporting DQ findings in a standardized, readily accessible format across multiple data partners. Specific topics were:

    • Standardized data quality algorithms
    • Data visualisation approaches that facilitate rapid data quality assessment (DQA)
    • Creation of novel user interfaces for data custodians and data users to examine data quality
    • Development of an international community focused on standardized data quality assessment for meaningful comparisons across partners
    • Description of existing DQA practices across multiple national data networks
    • Data quality approaches within the context of multi-purpose multi-site continually refreshed data sources
    • Trade-offs between database specific versus study specific data quality assessments
    • Development of data quality approaches and metrics that account for variation in data source characteristics such as longitudinality, population, and data types.

    Vojtech Huser, Michael Kahn, and Jeffrey Brown