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Methods for using Clinical Laboratory Test Results as Baseline Confounders in Multi-Site Observational Database Studies when Missing Data are Expected

    Basic Details

    The purpose of this study was to quantify missing baseline laboratory results, assess predictors of missingness, and examine performance of missing data methods.


    Marsha A. Raebel PharmD, Susan Shetterly MS, Christine Y. Lu PhD, MSc, James S. Flory MD, MS, Joshua J. Gagne PharmD, ScD, Frank E. Harrell PhD, Kevin Haynes PharmD, MSCE, Lisa J. Herrinton PhD, Elisabetta Patorno MD, DrPH, Jennifer Popovic DVM, MA, Mano Selvan PhD, Azadeh Shoaibi PhD, MHS, Xingmei Wang MS, Jason Roy PhD

    Corresponding Author

    M. A. Raebel, Institute for Health Research, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, PO Box 378066, Denver, CO 80237, USA. Email: