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Relative Performance of Propensity Score Matching Strategies for Subgroup Analyses

    Basic Details

    The authors conducted a plasmode simulation to compare relative performance of 5 methods involving propensity score (PS) matching for subgroup analysis, including methods frequently used in applied literature whose performance has not been previously directly compared. These methods varied whether the overall PS, subgroup specific PS or no re-matching was used in subgroup analysis as well as whether subgroups were fully nested within the main analytic cohort or not.


    Shirley V. Wang PhD, ScM; Yinzhu Jin MS, MPH; Bruce Fireman MA; Susan Gruber PhD, MPH; Mengdong He MS; Richard Wyss PhD; HoJin Shin MS; Yong Ma PhD, MS; Stephine Keeton PhD; Sara Karami PhD, MPH; Jacqueline M. Major PhD; Sebastian Schneeweiss MD, ScD; Joshua J. Gagne PharmD, ScD

    Corresponding Author

    Shirley V. Wang, Division of Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacoeconomics at Brigham & Women's Hospital Department of Medicine, 1620 Tremont Street, Suite 3030, Boston, MA 02120. Email: