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Using a Handheld Device for Patient Data Collection: A Pilot for Medical Countermeasures Surveillance

    Basic Details
    Friday, January 1, 2016

    This study, conducted within the Mini-Sentinel Initiative, sought to develop the patient identification and matching processes necessary to assess safety outcomes for medical countermeasures.


    Matthew F. Daley MD, Kristen Goddard MPH, Melissa McClung MSPH, Arthur Davidson MD, MPH, Gretchen Weiss MPH, Ted Palen PhD, MD, MSPH, Carsie Nyirenda MPH, Richard Platt MD, MSc, Brooke Courtney JD, MPH, Marsha E. Reichman PhD

    Corresponding Author

    M. F. Daley, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Institute for Health Research, 10065 E. Harvard Ave. #300, Denver, CO 80231, Phone: 303-614-1216, Fax: 303-614-1305, Email: