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Utility of Fertility Procedures and Prenatal Tests to Estimate Gestational Age for Live-births and Stillbirths in Electronic Health Plan Databases

    Basic Details

    Current algorithms to evaluate gestational age (GA) during pregnancy rely on hospital coding at delivery and are not applicable to non-live births. We developed an algorithm using fertility procedures and fertility tests, without relying on delivery coding, to develop a novel GA algorithm in live-births and stillbirths.

    Three pregnancy cohorts were identified from 16 health-plans in the Sentinel System: 1) hospital admissions for live-birth, 2) hospital admissions for stillbirth, and 3) medical chart-confirmed stillbirths. Fertility procedures and prenatal tests, recommended within specific GA windows were evaluated for inclusion in our GA algorithm. Our GA algorithm was developed against a validated delivery-based GA algorithm in live-births, implemented within a sample of chart-confirmed stillbirths, and compared to national estimates of GA at stillbirth.


    Lockwood Taylor, Steven T. Bird, Danijela Stojanovic, Sengwee Toh, Judith C. Maro, Elnara Fazio-Eynullayeva, Andrew B. Petrone, Rajani Rajbhandari, Susan E. Andrade, Kevin Haynes, Cheryl N. McMahill-Walraven, Connie M. Trinacty, Mayura Shinde, Jennifer G. Lyons

    Corresponding Author

    Steven T Bird; Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring, MD