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Occurrence of Selected Biological Product HCPCS Codes

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    Medical Product
    epoetin alfa
    interferon beta-1A
    interferon beta-1B

    Summary table assessment of 28 selected biological product Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) codes including, "Injection Adalimumab 20 MG" (HCPCS code J0135), "Injection Epoetin Alfa Non-End Stage Renal disease" (HCPCS code J0885), "Injection Epoetin Alfa 1,000 Units End Stage Renal disease" (HCPCS code J0886), "Injection Filgrastim 300 MCG" (HCPCS code J1440), "Injection Filgrastim 480 MCG" (HCPCS code J1441), "Injection Infliximab 10 MG" (HCPCS code J1745), "Injection Interferon Beta-1A 33 MCG" (HCPCS code J1825), "Injection Interferon Beta-1A 30 MCG" (HCPCS code J1826), "Injection Interferon Beta-1B 0.25 MG" (HCPCS code J1830), "Injection Somatropin" (HCPCS code J2941), "Injection Rituximab 100 MG" (HCPCS code J9310), "Injection Trastuzumab" (HCPCS code J9355), "Injection Epoetin Alpha 1,000 Units" (HCPCS code Q0136), "Injection Somatropin 1 MG" (HCPCS code Q2016), "Injection Epoetin Alfa 1,000 Units, End Stage Renal Disease" (HCPCS code Q4055), "Injection Epoetin Alfa 100 Units" (HCPCS code Q4081), "Injection Somatropin 5 MG" (HCPCS code S0011), "Injection Darbepoetin Alfa-1 MCG" (HCPCS code C1774), "Injection Darbepoetin Alfa 5 MCG" (HCPCS code J0880), "Injection Darbepoetin Alfa 1 MCG Non-End Stage Renal Disease" (HCPCS code J0881), "Injection Darbepoetin Alfa 1 MCG for End Stage Renal Disease" (HCPCS code J0882), "Injection Pegfilgrastim" (HCPCS code J2505), "Injection Darbepoetin Alfa 1 MCG Non-End Stage Renal Disease" (HCPCS code Q0137), "Injection Pegfilgrastim 1 MG" (HCPCS code Q4053), "Injection Darbepoetin Alfa 1 MCG End Stage Renal Disease" (HCPCS code Q4054), "Injection Darbepoetin Alfa 1 MCG" (HCPCS code S0112), "Injection Pegfilgrastim-6 MG Dose Vial" (HCPCS code C9119), and "Injection Pegfilgrastim 6 MG" (HCPCS code S0135) in the Mini-Sentinel Distributed Database. Results were generated using the Mini-Sentinel Distributed Query Tool and the HCPCS Summary Table.Summary tables are precompiled stratified counts. Queries were executed in July 2012. This report includes data from 16 Data Partners. Queries were run in the inpatient, outpatient and emergency department settings in 2010 only.

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