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Query Builder

The Sentinel Query Builder is a web-based query design tool that allows users to create and visualize medical product utilization queries with a user-friendly interface and convert them into Sentinel query request packages in SAS®. Query Builder was created to meet the need for rapid assessments of medical coding patterns, utilization patterns, parameter choices, and sample size to allow FDA scientists to assess the feasibility for conducting a study. 

Continue reading about Query Builder on Sentinel’s Git Repository.

Public users may download the Sentinel Query Builder Standalone Application to create a Sentinel query request package, which can be run on data in SAS dataset format that has been transformed into the Sentinel Common Data Model.

Sentinel Query Builder replaces Summary Table Queries, which were retired in September 2019. Technical information regarding Summary Table Queries is archived below.

Sentinel Query Builder Pro

The Query Builder enhancement project expands existing Query Builder functionality so that Sentinel analytic staff can easily and accurately customize a high volume of parameters for their analytic packages in a new robust user interface across multiple analysis types. Analysts are now able to more quickly generate and share test results from the Sentinel Operations Center's in-house MarketScan Sentinel Common Data Model (SCDM) database. These enhancements allow the Sentinel Operations Center to more readily revise analytic packages as FDA progresses through study design, while also providing FDA with the opportunity to iteratively review test results of these modified packages.

Sentinel Distributed Query Tool

Sentinel uses PopMedNet, an open-source software application, to enable the operation and governance of the secure Sentinel distributed data network.

The PopMedNet software facilitates secure distribution and response of all Sentinel distributed queries.

The Sentinel Distributed Query Tool implementation is compliant with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Moderate level as defined by NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4, Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems.

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Distributed Query Tool Summary Table Descriptions (v2.0)

The Sentinel Query Tool Summary Table Description delineates the structure of the summary tables that were previously supported by the query tool.

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Summary Table V2 Programming Specifications (v1.0)

The Sentinel Summary Table V2 Programming Specifications describe the logic and processes required to create summary tables for the Sentinel Query Tool.

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Technical Discussion of Summary Table V2 Package (v0.3)

The Technical Discussion of Summary Table v2.0 Package describes the various technical approaches and methods that guided the design and development efforts for the v2.0 Summary Tables Package.

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Summary Tables SAS Package

The Summary Tables SAS Packages includes the complete SAS program package distributed to Sentinel Data Partners to create the summary tables from their Sentinel Common Data Model compliant datasets. This package includes all SAS code and lookup/reference tables used.

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Summary Tables Programming Package V2 Investigator Release Notes

The Sentinel Summary Tables v2 Investigator Release Notes describe changes in version 2 of the Summary Tables SAS Package.

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